A thought:

 “When Injustice becomes Law

Resistance becomes Duty”

Thomas Jefferson

I gotta ask you all….We KNOW (despite denials from the Left Leaning folks, even those that are as intelligent as we are or anyone with two synapses to rub together, for that matter and know they are lying and that we know they are lying as well) that there was some level of left-leaning Anti Trump voter fraud. How much, I am not sure. Enough to throw the election? Maybe. Again, not knowing the levels of true fraud I simply cannot say. 

But here is the thing:

What are we gonna do about it? Are we gonna arm up and shoot someone? Who might that be? What is your target?  What are we gonna do? How are we gonna fix this? Is it worth a civil war? 

 I, personally, believe that anyone who commits (or allows to be committed) voter fraud should be treated as a traitor to the country, and should be tried in a fair trial and hung by the neck immediately after (assuming a guilty verdict) the trial. But how many people we gonna string up? How much do you have the stomach for? How much blood are YOU, personally, willing to spill to restore our Republic? 

Think about it. What, exactly, are you willing to countenance? 

How many people are you gonna jail, or hang? How much “Revolution” are you willing to do? How far are you willing to tear apart this country? 

How much “Resistance”? 

7 thoughts on “A thought:

  1. I also want all traitors charged, fairly tried, and if found guilty, instantly executed.

    You asked, "But how many people we gonna string up? How much do you have the stomach for? How much blood are YOU, personally, willing to spill to restore our Republic?"

    I am willing to personally spill as much as it takes to put a stop to all treason, past-current-future, and restore our Republic to the core of it's founding.

  2. Better to fight with sound motives and lose, than to face the future… and our children… knowing we knew we were being robbed of our country and our freedom and did NOTHING…

  3. the horror, the horror…..it must be so horrible that the survivors won't think about it again for at least two hundred years. that much.

  4. Well something has to be done. but what? I believe we need to start at the top. Biden & hunter, then the clinton then they will roll over on obama . then. Now who going to do this?? it up to we the people to find a leader

  5. Just like with terrorists, I want the retribution to be so terrible, that the mere memory of it the first time afterwards any of their fellows suggests "Let's stuff the ballot box", his immediate companions beat him to death on the spot, and bring his severed head to the nearest police station at the first opportunity, and explain why they did it by way of apologizing for his conduct.

    Nothing less will suffice.

  6. Here's another thought.

    If y'all are serious, it's probably not too wise to be talking about it online.

    That's sort of what led to the arrests of 13 men (12 Michiganders and 1 resident of Delaware) for allegedly plotting to kidnap the MI governor (and maybe the VA governor), overthrow at least some level of gov't, and start a civil war.

    I'm gonna leave the rest of the insanity of this post and its comments alone.


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