Odd timing

 I find it odd that Pfizer announce a vaccine (“90% Effective!” ) shortly AFTER the election. 

Interesting timing, that.

Draw your own conclusions. 

3 thoughts on “Odd timing

  1. Yep, they waited to announce that until after the election. I'm sure politics had nothing to do with that decision.

  2. Notice too, that Pfizer wasn't a part of Trump's "Operation Warp Speed." The Donks will eventually say THEY came up with the vaccine DESPITE Trump. Hell; they're already saying "HE'S DOING IT ALL WRONG!!!" when it comes to Trump's getting the vaccine out there… when the thing hasn't even reached the distribution phase yet… Cuomo is saying "We have to fix this or stop it." If anyone had any doubts as to whether COID has been politicized or not, Cuomo's lamentation that the vaccine was announce two month too early should put that to rest… but it won't…

  3. It's not just strange. It's premeditated. They waited for 94 cases to analyze the data and announce the interim results. the original "transparent" protocol published on the web for all to see, stipulates interim analyses at 32 and 64 cases. If they had analyzed those we would have had the results in October. they actually collected the test samples from patiens and didn't test them so there were no results to leak. The experts can read polls, too.

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