Not just a belt

 I have a feeling this is gonna get expensive…

So two weekends ago, my plane tossed it’s alternator belt while I was flying…

Not a big deal, I shut off all but one radio, the transponder, and the beacon and, since I was already heading for home, it was a non-event. 

Of course, I didn’t know why I had no alternator until I got on the ground, but investigation showed that the belt had left the pulleys.

While the belt wasn’t worn, nor did it appear damaged, it was old, and since inspection of the drive pulley and the alternator showed no other issues (the alternator spins easily and the bracket appears to be fine) my mechanic wanted to replace the belt as a fix (I wasn’t so sure…Belts don’t just fall off the pulley for no reason), so we ordered one and when it came in, installed the new belt. I test flew it for an hour, and it seemed fine. 

Aaannd on Monday, I took the 182 out, fired it up, taxiied to the end of the active runway, (charging system working fine) did the runup….And when I came to the line on the checklist that says “Engine instruments and ammeter”…guess what? 

So back to the barn and upon inspection, sure enough, the belt was off the pulley and inside out. 

I got a feeling this is gonna get expensive. 

5 thoughts on “Not just a belt

  1. Something's outa plumb or level, causing the belt to roll off the pulleys. I'd lay odds that the alternator bracket is EVER SO SLIGHTLY… bent…

  2. If you are not yet a member, you should well consider joining the Cessna Pilot Association. I consider the CPA the very best aircraft owner's groups. The technical advice is unsurpassed. The courses they offer are of great value – especially when something just covered actually happens on your aircraft. I have been in other owner's groups, and not to denigrate them, will say the Cessna group is the best.

    Boldly go forth to commit aviation.

  3. THe management of the CPA is …less than what it could be. I have found the groups to be excellent, but the management folks have…issues.

    I WAS a member.

  4. I too was a member. I don't fly C brand any longer. I guess the assoc. has changed since the Mike Busch days. Sorry.

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