Missing the point:

 Watching the weather and news this morning, (channel 2 Chicago/WBBM-TV) and listening to their advice on Covid….Stay home, don’t travel unless necessary, don’t do thanksgiving, etc…..followed by their human interest segment where they told the rest of us about the neat things these TV announcers (who are based in and work in Chicago) had seen and found in neighboring states…one showed us the neat stuff she found in a market in Wisconsin, the other a neat decoration he and his wife had found in Michigan,,,

And, remember, for anyone else who travels across the state line, Illinois requires a 14 day quarantine period….I guess this doesn’t apply to “journalists” Talking Heads. 

Yet the rest of us should stay home. 

One thought on “Missing the point:

  1. Rules are for thee, and not for me… You must remember that.

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