It’s different

 And yet, at the same time, pretty much the same.

I’m taking Multi-Engine instruction now…

Flying a twin is like driving a Corvette…when I’ve been driving a station wagon. 

Make no mistake, I love my Cessna 182. But compared to the Baron that I am getting my multi engine instruction is, it is a dog. 

LOTS more power, which makes for MUCH greater performance. And all that power (and the fact that it is a twin) means that it can kill you in ways that a single engine plane won’t.. (Which is what I am learning…not How to Fly ..I (supposedly) already know that…but how to fly a twin engine plane when one engine isn’t working). 

It has been a challenge.  

4 thoughts on “It’s different

  1. Yep, that extra engine just gets you to the scene of the crash a little faster…

  2. Yep, that can be true.
    Or one can do it right.
    The Baron will fly on one engine fairly well though.

  3. Most of my flight time is in Piper Cheyennes. That that can kill you can also save you. Single rate of climb 660. Baron not quite as good but, good.

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