Jesus…they’ve tossed all appearances of credibility and impartiality aside

 The Media (NBC, ABC, and CBS) have spent the last 15 minutes telling me that Trump is wrong about all of his claims, that the ballots take time to count, that the “Found” ballots in PA and AZ and NC are all valid (Because REASONS) and that the fact that some were delivered without postmarks was just a mistake on the part of the USPS but they still need to be counted….Plus the unverified “Provisional” ballots that are counting an improbably high percentage for Slow Joe…And it is taking so long because there are lots of votes……Despite the fact that in Red areas, ALL the votes have been counted long ago. 

And the message that “We need to all just accept the results without issues”….and that the President has “Falsely Claimed” that he won…and “Incorrectly” claimed FRAUD. 

They are blatantly in the Tank for Biden, and are trying to convince the rest of us…and their delivery shows that even they don’t believe it.

It’s like watching “Bagdad Bob” tell us how the “Shock and Awe” and the invasion was going badly for the US and allies even as American tanks appeared behind him in his broadcasts. 

I think they are preparing the battlefield so there will be doubt when they announce that Biden has won…..hook or crook. I would expect that they will make their announcements on a Sunday afternoon….

I think they are counting on election news exhaustion to keep people’s reaction down. 

I know there has been no malfeasance because the Media has told me so. 

Democracy will die this week because we allow it. 

We are out of Boxes (I can’t agree with his verbage, but I can agree with his conclusion)

I’m hating the thought that the above article brings….but I don’t see what else we have. 

I gotta say I am unsure what to think or do here. If we do nothing, we fail not only our fellow citizens, but the folks who created this country and gave us what we have (or had until last Tuesday). If we do Do Something, then we destroy our country. I never thought I would even have to consider what I am now thinking. I always thought the enemies would be “foreign”, not domestic. 

No good options here. 

2 thoughts on “Jesus…they’ve tossed all appearances of credibility and impartiality aside

  1. Indeed there are no good options here.

    Even if all the theories and accusations were true (some will always be found false) they could easily be accomplished without any kind of top down instruction. Just small groups of trusted locals. Hard to infiltrate; hard to find proof.

    If proof of malfeasance did surface It would be passed over by the big media outlets, circulated through the small ones, and the presence of the news on “radical” sites would be presented as an indictment of the story itself. The GOP would wargame that, figure it would cost them big in the midterms and say, “not interested.”

    I think we’ve both done the math. It’s not a single tumor. If you excised them all and cut until you had clean margin, it would kill the patient. Chemo and radiation (introducing disruptive/ethical people and disruptive/true information) might shrink the tumors. That needed to start a few decades ago though.

    As you said, no good options.

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