I thought he was joking

 But he wasn’t.

So there I am at the hotel where I was staying, having gotten dressed and imbibing a cup of generic hotel coffee and standing outside having the first smoke of the day.

(I was in because I had to advise an attorney on a deposition in a lawsuit, and the deposition was like 2.5 hours from home, and I didn’t wanna leave home at 5 AM… to be ready at 8 AM)

Anyway, some other dude wanders up and I say “Good morning”

He looks me straight in the eye and says “you need to calm the fuck down there, partner“. He was serious, I think. 

I just shut up. Didn’t wanna start the day with an issue. I had too much on my plate. 

I mean, I’m not generally a morning person, but damn. 

1 thought on “I thought he was joking

  1. Irish thinks we just met.
    Sounds like me though before my first cup and smoke.

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