How I spent my Friday evening

 So there I was, with a bunch of other grumpy old men, listening to the lecturer demonstrate how to put on a CAT tourniquet.

I was taking a “Stop the Bleed” course. 

What with Covid restrictions and all that, we could only accommodate 16 people in the class, but lots was learned that evening. 

It was a good review of the course I took with Ambulance Driver way back when. His course was better, and much more in depth, but I did need the review. 

I urge you to take such a course if you haven’t already taken one. 

And if you haven’t had a review in a while, you should do one soon. 

I DO have a beautiful set of four matching pressure bruises on each arm and leg, up high though. on each arm and leg I did myself, but the really nice ones were done by the others in the class when they applied the tourniquets to me.  

The videos we saw were pretty graphic, but at least no one squealed like a 6th grade schoolgirl when the blood started flowing. 

Now today, I am hoping to do a blogmeet with some Michigan bloggers. 

3 thoughts on “How I spent my Friday evening

  1. We attended a Stop The Bleed course last year.
    Well worth our time.
    On the advice of someone who knows what they are talking about, I bought our tourniquets in bright red or orange, because looking for a black one in a range bag, or first aid kit in dim lighting would be a challenge.

  2. I did stop the bleed with friends while camping. We got quite loud and dramatic. The next morning two armed park ranges showed up and casually ambled by our tents, peeking in the open windows. Turns out the people in the next site checked out in the morning and told the rangers that there was some kind of horrible medical emergency with lots of blood at our site.

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