So let me see here:

 The Democrat Machine is gonna oppose the Supreme Court Nominee no matter what….even before the person is nominated. 

The RNC Machine is gonna support the nominee no knowing who he or she is….

Neither side knows who the nominee is gonna be, neither side has anything to vote for…or against. They don’t know the positions, the philosophy, or the history of the nominee.

One side is pledging to support the nominee, whoever she or he is, simply because they want to get a “Conservative” on the court. 

The other side wants to oppose her or him simply because the choice is being made by Trump, and they will oppose him no matter what. 

Neither side is covering themselves with glory or showing any integrity here. 

Again, I am disgusted. Why not wait and find out if they can find something to like or dislike? Anyone who is already on a Circuit Court should already be qualified to be a Supreme. If not, they are likely unqualified for the position they currently have. 

We really need a better class of elected officials. 

4 thoughts on “So let me see here:

  1. Sadly politics has become more about winning than actually governing.


  2. Campaign finance reform. 1) No more than 20% of a candidate's donations may come from outside his/her Congressional district, or outside the state, if a Senator. 2) No "excess campaign contributions" may be converted to personal wealth. Must be given to an approved charity, or returned pro-rata to the donor. THIS IS HOW THEY GET RICH.

    And more. Look at this:

  3. Sorry… Congressional districts of no more than 50,000, office from the district, not DC, Senators from their state capitols. Telecommute. Smaller budget. Accessibility to their voters. Accountability. Worth a try.

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