Showing her true colors

 So Cindy McCain, the widow of John McCain just could not help but step into the ring to trash Donald Trump.

I understand that she dislikes Trump because he would not say nice things about her late husband, 

But seriously?  This is being a harpy. 

Nothing like the vitriol that an old lady can bring. They can hate better than anyone. I’m sure she thinks she is hurting Donnie, but all she is doing is showing us what a bitch she is. At the end, her endorement won’t make one iota of difference. 

2 thoughts on “Showing her true colors

  1. What's funny is that she probably thinks she's swinging some people over to Biden with her "endorsement."

    …Endorsement, my ass… For the rest of us, it's "I'm going to vote for…" But SHE'S SPECIAL… in her own mind, anyway…

  2. My first thought was: "Who cares what anyone with the name McCain says?" I surely don't. Especially his twit offspring.

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