Some folks will sell themselves again and again,

 So, in addition to being Willie Brown’s “Side Piece” so she could get the appointments that have led to her current positions (some might think she had prostituted herself for those positions, but other might just say that she was “helped” by a friend…you decide for yourself) there is this to consider….

Let us not forget that a year and a half or so ago, Ms Harris said about Joe Biden, when he was accused by a bunch of women of “Inappropriate touching” that she believed those women …. “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.” . (to be fair to Dopey Joe, this was at the height of the “Mee Tooo” movement, where nearly every left leaning woman who could get a camera to focus on her long enough had a story to tell about a man being bad to her)…

Yet now, since she couldn’t get enough people to want her as President, she’s hitched her wagon to the star of Joe Biden….

Odd, innit, what ambition and lust for power will do to a person, especially one with a history like Ms Harris. Some people have standards and moral, then there are politicians….then folks like Ms Harris, for whom no sacrifice, no sell out is too great for advancement. 

You’d think that, if she wasn’t lying when she “believed” those women, that she wouldn’t want anything to do with a man she has all but accused of being a serial rapist. But then again, she’s sold a part of her for advancement once, what is another piece of her soul?  

One thought on “Some folks will sell themselves again and again,

  1. the brief video of her and biden signing their nomination acceptance tells the tale. she had to fly to joe's house, he wouldn't come out. they sat at separate tables, never spoke, never looked at each other and the look on her face was priceless, like "what the hell did i just get myself into?" with a painted on smile the joker would be embarrassed about. the staff ushered the press out in a hurry, allowing no comment nor questions, even before the signatures were finished. something WAY off there.

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