Of course we should have “Vote By Mail”

 (the above was sarcasm, just in case you weren’t aware of that)

Nevada sends nearly a quarter million votes via US Mail to wrong addresses. 

and, of course, there’s all the “rejected” ballots, (lots of reasons, some legit, some not, some caused by the voters, some caused by the USPS) that happen in Mail-in votes….

And those are just the ones where honest errors were made. How many more can be mis/un/not counted when the folks that have and interest in defrauding the voters get involved? We know that Donald Trump had to (in the last election) not only win a majority of voters, but overcome the “margin of fraud” in many “blue” enclaves. 

Why should we think that the political party that (disingenuously) tells us that it is racist to require people to prove they are who they claim to be in order to vote (Racist? Black people don’t possess government ID? Really? Or are they too stupid to get one? Too lazy to get one? Who is racist here? ) won’t continue the vote manipulation that has historically happened in Blue strongholds? 

Why, if we can go to the grocery store and the liquor store and such in a safe manner as long as we wear a mask, can we not vote safely wearing a mask? If we can march in the streets shoulder to shoulder for hours with a bunch of unmasked strangers why is standing in a line for a few minutes so dangerous? (Masked and, “socially Distanced” of course) 

One with a suspicious and untrusting attitude (such as myself) might think that there is an….underhanded reason for such changes….

3 thoughts on “Of course we should have “Vote By Mail”

  1. No one ever seems to bring up the fact that the USPS NEVER seems to have trouble handling the task of making sure your TAX RETURNS are handled on time. Neither does it have issues handling the Christmas rush, including a severe uptick in AMAZON shipments… 'Just a thought…

    Also; if restaurants, pharmacies, and yes, even COVID-19 TEST CENTERS can be drive-through, why can't POLLING PLACES???

    If the Left is saying fraud won't be an issue with mail-in voting, then why do es it want it so badly?…

  2. I have worked the polls since 2010 and we repeatedly have names of people who have moved districts, states or now live overseas and lots and lots of dead people on our rolls. Between all of us we go through the names and are able to compile a list of people who should be removed from the voting rolls. Year after year the same name show up and the excuse from the state says it would cost too much to remove names. I have registered to vote in 5 states and have never notified anyone that I left. So I may still be on the rolls and can vote. Can't imagine that this could be anything but a nightmare of epic portions.

  3. The purpose of mail in voting is do undermine the faith and trust in the system for when Trump wins. The democrats think they will then have the grounds for electoral fraud, and yet another coup attempt. They are already floating the idea of having the military remove Trump by force in November when they don't win.

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