Why we need….

We need an AR-15 (or equivalent) in every household Just for the sort of riot we saw these past few days…..just in case we or our property becomes a target of the Mob. (think “Roof Koreans”)

We need our own transportation, in case the state or local Governments decide for whatever reason (like to keep the rioters from moving from one place to the other, spreading mayhem as they go) as they have in this case shutting down that oft-revered “Public Transportation”
If one is in the Burbs, or a collar community, and had no car, today you were screwed, as the State of Indiana and the City of Chicago shut down the trains to keep people from travelling FROM  the Burbs to do mayhem and to keep people from travelling TO the city for protests that could turn ugly.

Trust in Government only works when they can (and are willing) to keep us all safe and able to move. But that only works when those they govern behave…..

Me? I trust myself, a select few, and I trust my government and those who rail against the perceived failures of the Government to provide not at all. Especially when they want to rend and destroy and steal, and blame me for their own failings and the failure of their culture. And who feel that they can redistribute my earnings and possessions or damage me and people near and/or dear to me because of their “rage”….

If ever there is a reason for an armed populace, the latest riots “protests” are a good example.

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