“tis ineresting…

When they want to, the media can find video from 20 years ago about someone they dislike….usually within hours.

Yet they have chosen NOT to show us the videos of the entire George Floyd incident with the police.

I think they are deliberately choosing not to find the video, or, if they have it, they are not showing it so the riots “protests” will continue.

Just as they are lowballing the coroner’s reports  that say that Mr. Floyd was NOT killed by having a knee on his neck, (nor what his trachea crushed) nor was he killed by suffocation, but rather the cause of death appears to be heart failure, exacerbated by Methamphetamines and Fentayl, possibly aggravated by the stress of his arrest.
Odd that they aren’t trumpeting this fact as loudly and as often as they did the video of his arrest, innit?

If you think that this civil unrest was not planned, and Mr. Floyd’s death (on video!) was not just an excuse to have it (if it would not have been this, it would have been another), then you might be interested in a bridge I have for sale….Cheap. Used bills please, and cash only.

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  1. The full Floyd video is not just not being shown… it's being pulled off youtube as fast as it's uploaded – at least, so I understand from someone who has it and is trying to put it up.

  2. Like videos discussing hydroxychloroquine or anything else.

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