Thousands of New Cases!!!!!!!

Of course we are seeing a rise in CASES.

We are testing a greater number of people.

Are we seeing a rise in deaths? No. At least not so far. Nor a rise in hospitalizations either.

Which means that there were a lot of people running around with Covid-19 weeks ago, and we simply did not know it. Now we do, BECAUSE WE ARE TESTING FOR IT IN GREATER NUMBERS. 

Of course, for Liberals and Journalists, this concept is apparently very difficult to grasp.

2 thoughts on “Thousands of New Cases!!!!!!!

  1. not only. va started counting each positive test as a separate case. so if you're positive, they test you several more times to make sure you're cured and each one counts as another case. crooked stuff going on.

  2. I think it is the editors and not the journalists.

    Editors realize that headlines sell newspapers and more eyeballs means more ad revenue.

    While few journalists are Mensa candidates, the editors are the ones who pound it into politically correct messages and inflammatory headlines.

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