Cleaning and disinfecting NYC’s subways

Oddly, the City of New York is only now disinfecting their subway cars.

For the first time, the city has shut down the subway and is cleaning and disinfecting their cars. All at onece.
One wonders why now? Why not a few weeks ago, when people were dying like flies and the bodies were stacked like cordwood outside of the hospitals when the infection rate was climbing and the city was first shut down?

WTF? I don’t get the timing at all. Why not earlier?  Something doesn’t make sense here.

But that is true of many of the actions by city, state and federal officials in the “Crisis”.
I smell something and it doesn’t smell very nice.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning and disinfecting NYC’s subways

  1. Not entirely true.

    Yes, they are now shutting the system down each night to clean the whole system every 24 hours. Prior to that they had kept the system up and cleaned it piece-meal so that the entire system was cleaned every 72 hours. The reason given for the change was that with the system running at less than 10% of capacity, homeless people were using subway cars for shelter during the overnight.

    Cuomo explained it at one of his briefings last week.


  2. Because video of bums sleeping in the subways, which has been going on since I was a kid… in the 60's… has been hitting the airwaves left and right, showcasing DeBlabbio's ineptitude at managing a city; that's why…

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