Once is happenstance….

Twice is coincidence.

Three times? 
I fully expect the ABCBSNBCSN/CNN group to start bleating this mistruth to us shortly. 
So it began a week ago on Ms. Misfit’s “Orange Man Bad” blog.
The meme that all these people died because, (of course) Trump somehow failed to act quickly enough….Despite the fact that when he began to act, the (ahem) “loyal opposition” decried every step he took as too much, too soon, worthless or ineffective, etc. 
And the number she used, which she apparently got from the New York Times (who “estimated that using some pretty sketchy data) was 50,000 dead. 
Then, yesterday, I got 4 robocalls from liberal and/or Democratic politicians claiming. that Trump’s inaction caused many deaths and we should do something about it. 
Today, 6 calls (so far) also doing the same bleating that Trump, through his inaction, had caused many deaths. and this whole coronavirus debacle is his (and his alone) fault. 
2 issues: 
I am not even in the district for these politicians…..I am on the Do Not Call list, which oddly enough, the politicians carved out an exemption for themselves on when they did that legislation….
Second, all of the above politicians have chosen to ignore the slew of deaths  (around 36 thousand, BTW….40% of the total) that were nursing home residents in both New York and in Michigan where their (very) blue, Democrat, governors forced nursing homes to admit (or re-admit) patients that had tested positive for coronavirus, spreading that disease to a most vulnerable population…the elderly. Odd, innit, how that is ignored. 36,000 deaths that can be laid at the feet of Cuomo and Whitmer…but they don’t mention that
This must, of course, just be coincidence…couldn’t be a planned misinformation campaign. Never happen. 
I mean, there is partisan, there is twisted presentation, then there is mistruths and outright lies. 
You figure out which this meme is, or what it will morph into.  

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