Feelin’ special.

It used to be “gluten intolerant” wher folks had never been tested for Celiac’s disease, but foloowed the trend…

Now the big words people seem to use to feel special atre “immune compromised”.

Which means nothing, really.

Except it is another excuse not to do something and to feel special.

I’ve asked several folks what they mean when they say “immune compromised” and they all get pissy ’cause they don’t really know. It’s just a phrase they use to feel part of the herd, only moreso than the rest of us….

2 thoughts on “Feelin’ special.

  1. Immuno-compromised is an actual thing.
    Patients with HIV, lupus, and other auto-immune disorders, for example.
    People with cancer undergoing radiation or chemo-therapy, who have no immune system, because their cancer treatment has wiped it out.
    (Kids with leukemia who get a simple head cold can die from it if it's ignored, because their body won't fight it off.)
    Patients who take immuno-suppressant drugs, because they've had organ transplants.
    Those are actual immuno-suppressed patients.

    But the wingnuts who don't know WTF they're talking about sling it around with such gobbledygook lack of logic as to render it seem like something the becomes the latest cool-kids "pity me" diagnosis, like "fibromyalgia", which has been so bastardized by fakers and doctors who can't find anything wrong with people, it's become a code-word for "malingerer".
    Or all the grade school teachers with zero medical training who label all normal boys as "ADHD", and suddenly in need of psychotropic drugs to make them into docile little girls instead of healthy rough-and-tumble boys.

    Or like everyone buying a $10 vest for their mangy pooch, and claiming they have a "service Pomeranian", A "service unicorn", or a "service hippotamus", just so they can try and sneak Fluffy on board a commercial flight or into a store, instead of having to spring for doggy boarding during their vacation.

    This is what happens when fuzzy-thinking liberal idiots try to hijack the language:
    the bastardize it to the point of it becoming meaningless, which was always the entire point.

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