Meat Packing Plants

So apparently there are a great number of cases in the populations of Meat Packing plants….seems that the workers are getting sick and transmitting the Covid-19 among themselves.

But, a question: Is the transmission happening in the pants, while the folks are working?

It has been my experience that these plants often employ a large number of foreign (and often, but not always, illegal) workers. Often, to save money to send home these folks live very closely, like 4 or more people in a 2 bedroom apartment or trailer…often twice that density.

Yes, improving conditions at the plant is a good idea.  But I would question if the plant is the vector for the disease transmission rather than the living and social conditions amongst the workers.

And since the CDC folks (based on their response to things and conditions at the beginning of this “crisis”) apparently can’t do their job, don’t seem to have much cognitive abilities, can’t connect cause and effect, and apparently cannot think, but merely react and follow orders,  I cannot help but wonder if anyone has investigated the mode of transmission or are they merely Doing Something so they can appear to have Done Something.

3 thoughts on “Meat Packing Plants

  1. That is a legit question.

    Having spent a bit of time in a couple plants, they are cold and wet. Covered in soap and cleaners. Daily washdowns with cleaners that kill bacteria and viruses (and destroy non-protected machinery) along with multiple other in-plant active biosecurity processes to prevent contamination of people food make me seriously curious about the transmission vector.

  2. The FDA's rules are beneficial to the large corporate meat plants . If we had tens of thousands of small local plants there would be no problem .

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