I’m thinking it was a waste of time

38 states are “reopening”.

At best, we reduced (not stopped) the case doublings that occurred about every 10 days. Every 10 days in the larger cities, that is. Not so much in the more rural counties. Let’s face it, even in New York, it wasn’t the “Bodies Stacked in the Streets” we were warned about. Ever. Not even close to that….Even with the reported falsifying of cause of death (John was 200 lbs overweight and had a heart attack, but he had a cough, so it must have been Covid, even though we didn’t test, so put that as “Cause of Death”) …(and yes, they ARE doing that in some hospitals…like the ones in Gary Indiana, where I have first hand knowledge of this) and likely never would have been as bad as the doomsayers CDC forecast.
Not the 6.6 million they forecast, not 4.2M, not 3.6M, not 2.4M. not 1.3M (the forecast kept decreasing every week or so, didjanotice?), not 900K, not 750K, not 600K, not 450K, not 300,000 dead.

And what cost? Our economy is shambles, 1/4 of our people out of work, An additional trillion (so far) dollars of government debt. I thought the whole “Shelter in Place” thing is a stupid move….and yet, having started, we are now wasting all of that, by opening up again. This never should have happened from start. Now we have wasted all the damage to our society and our economy that we have (and will) endure.

If all of this chaos we have created has saved even 10.000 people from Coroanavirus/Covid -19, I’d be surprised. Here is the thing, reopening simply means that the rest of us, if we haven’t already been exposed, will soon be exposed. We really gained NOTHING with the debacle. If yer gonna get a case of Covid-19, yer gonna get it. Now or later. If not today, then next month or the one after that. The only way to prevent that exposure is to hide for the next year or so….until either Herd Immunity kicks in or a year or so after a vaccine is developed. And if you are one of the 7% or so that is gonna be symptomatic then yer gonna have that to deal with it. If you are one of the
And this “Pandemic” is NOTHING compared to others we have had in the US (or the world) in the past.  Back then, people simply went on as normal. The Markets didn’t tank, Nothing shut down, parties went on…. in the end it was a nothingurger….just a worse than usual Flu season. (Today, that 100K/1 million would likely, by population, be equal to over 300,000 in the US and close to 3 MILLION worldwide)

But the CDC and the Federal and State governments have this well in hand…..
Top Men are working on it:

**  Depending on the statistics one looks at, the high end appears (for Covid 19), even with Death Rate Inflation happening, to be somewhere close to 1.2% and the low end just above 0.78%).

2 thoughts on “I’m thinking it was a waste of time

  1. This was NEVER about COVID-19. It was about ramming an agenda down America's throat; an agenda that couldn't be forwarded in the normal fashion; through Congress…

    I have a certain relative who said "…Whatever it takes to stop the virus." It isn't a matter of whatever IT takes. It's a matter of whatever "THEY" have taken, and will continue to take. Look at all of the permanent "legislation" put into place to deal with this temporary crisis. And just WAIT for the RAFT of new taxes that will be levied to pay for all of this helicopter money flittering down out of the sky! "All for the public good," they'll say… Yeah; right…

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