Why don’t they listen?

On CBS this morning….Government Health Officials are lamenting that people are not staying home….and that there isn’t a national order to do so.

Firstly, dude, people no longer believe you anymore (or, like me, never really did) because your story changes often. Your advice often flouts common sense.

Second, the whole Stay At Home order things is…not really enforceable unless there is Martial Law in place, or someone declares a State Of Emergency…and no governor wants to do that.

But why should we listen to people who we know don’t tell us the truth…or at least the WHOLE truth? Whose aims may or may not be in our best interest?

I AM mostly staying home, limiting my contacts, “Social Distancing”. etc. I live in a mostly rural area, so it isn’t that difficult for me. It is, I think, harder in more urban areas. THOSE areas might well have benefitted from more mask wearing, but they didn’t because they were told not to. NOW, they wonder why folks have begun to stop listening?

One thought on “Why don’t they listen?

  1. Ohhh, the "governor" of my state would just LOVE to declare martial law! The Left is DRUNK on power here in the Wild, Wild West! He won't do it though, because he's too busy kissing Trump's ass to get emergency money!

    I haven't believed this since the start. Oh, the virus is real, but then again, so is the flu. What I see is a situation being exaggerated to achieve an agenda; nothing more. The lying will continue, because to do anything else will be an admission of the lie…

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