The longer this goes on….

The more I am beginning to feel as if myself and my countrymen are just the subjects of a giant Social Conditioning experiment.

Look: this is a deadly disease. I got that. Truly, it is.

But the “normal” flu kills 30-50 THOUSAND every year. Yet we don’t shut down our country for that.

Swine Flu (H1N1) killed over a quarter million (yes, 250,000) people in 2009. over a HUNDRED THOUSAND in the first 6 months. Yet we, as a country, essentially did nothing differently then. Nothing. If no one reminded you about that time, you would not even remember. 

The Media is hyping the deaths (Almost 14 THOUSAND!!!!) as of this evening….Yet it is reported that anyone who dies is coded as Corona, tested or not, whether that virus is the actual cause of death or not….

And while I DO think the “Social Distancing”  is a Good Thing, and having folks be more aware of handwashing and hygeine is a great idea, I also am beginning to wonder….

Why the hype this time, and not other times? Why, if we should distance ourselves, and if places like New York are supposedly in Dire straights, have we not cut off the mass transit system that is making it so easy for folks to press together in a small place? Or at least greatly reduced the number of people allowed to ride in one subway car at one time?

Why is the Media pushing so hard that this virus had to somehow spring to life in a “Wet Market” in Wuhan, when the nearest bat with similar virii is over 200 miles away from Wuhan?  Why do they discount so readily the very close proximity of laboratories to the outbreak source that were STUDYING and CULTURING similar virii…less than a mile away?

And why the hype over the death rate when, while it is greater than a “normal” flu, is not significantly greater than other outbreaks?

Don’t believe me, use Google or another search engine to check my statements….and then ask yourself…


5 thoughts on “The longer this goes on….

  1. Why? That's the million dollar question.

    China's economy was in trouble.
    Protests in Hong Kong.
    Trump wanting to make America Great Again.
    The left, media and deep state want him out. ( not by martyring)

    If/when this ends, we bring back our manufacturing, secure our borders and become a strong America.

  2. Why? Start with "It's an election year, and one party has absolutely no platform except "ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!" …Work outward from there…

  3. I have two theories. 1) All this shutdown stuff has contained the virus and that's why we aren't seeing more deaths. 2) The illuminati deliberately crashed the economy so they can pick up the pieces dirt-cheap when we hit bottom and so become our new overlords, not that we'll notice any difference. New overlords, same as the old overlords. 3) People like to panic. Yeah, I know I said two theories, but I don't put much stock in the first two.

  4. This isn't comparable to the flu.
    An avg, flu year death toll is 20K; we're going to hit that number by end of the weekend with this, after only 6 weeks, even if some of those deaths got lumped in erroneously. So this ain't the flu, for anyone who didn't get that memo 50 times over already.

    And if most places didn't shut down like they did, the whole country would be NYFC. And them running the subway and not locking things down until it had turned into a sh*t show is WHY they're half the deaths, and over 1/3 of the entire national outbreak, at this moment.

    Emulating their stupidity is not the way out of this mess.

    We have a valid rapid test.
    We need to start running them, and we'll need about 100K rapid test machines, and 350M test kits, to start testing people out of lockdown. That's the only smart way to end this thing.

    As to why…?
    Impeachment failed. Bernie is a disaster, and Biden is an idiot. The economy was the greatest boom in modern history. Trump was looking at sweeping 45 states, and the media was/is in a total panic about that. People were starting to notice all of those things.


    Coronatardation to the rescue.

  5. So they know something about the real infectivity and lethality that they are not sharing to keep from spooking the herd.

    No one is benefiting from this shutdown and it wouldn't be happening if it was "just the flu".

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