Social Distancing

Went to the range today.

No one there.  I had all 8,2 acres to myself.  Was kinda glad that no one was there to see….

Spent two hundred .22 at the 50 yard range. Good, but not great. I need to shoot more. My holds weren’t as stable as before the winter, and …well, to be honest, I suck right now.

Ten shot, quarter-sized groups at 50 yards from a bench? Really? WTF? I can shoot WAY better that that! Not much better prone, nor sitting (and kneeling looked like I was patterning a .410 with buckshot). We won’t talk about offhand, ok?

This with a rifle/scope combination that I can normally cover 10 shots with a DIME at 100 yards.

The wind was calm, or nearly so, and the temp was low 60’s. So no excuse there.

I could hit with the 1911 at 50 feet, however. At least those groups were better. But I can practice my draw and firing inside all winter long. Not so with the range outdoors. It tends to get “squishy”…if you can get the gate open at all.

More practice.
I mean, I got time, right?

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