Still the wrong curve

Everyone is using the wrong growth rate curve.

Bet on it.

The disease has been here since before Christmas.
And yet, everyone is using the start date as sometime in February.

Bad data results in bad predictions.
Which is why the prediction numbers keep changing.

Oddly other countries, Ferinstance, Sweden…, are not on “Lockdown”….they haven’t damaged their economy, and their infection rate is similar to that of the US. Yes, they are “Social Distancing” somewhat, but they are not on “lockdown” the bars and restaurants are open, etc. “Herd Immunity” appears to work as well and the measures taken in the rest of the world.
Similar results in Brazil

As for the rates here in the US, the curves are probably as wrong as they can be, so the predictions are too. Different rate of infection, different growth rate of the disease in the population, and a much higher rate of “Little to No Symptoms”…..Oddly, 30-50% of people tested in Chicago ALREADY HAVE HAD THE VIRUS.

Something the media seems to be ignoring.

And as I asked in a previous post….why?