Like a cat in a child’s sandbox

Covering up it’s turd after the deed is done.

Seems that China is doing what it can to obfuscate the origins of the Covid 19 virus.

Suppressing research and editing out any studies which are not “approved”.

It’s almost as if they are aware and are trying to hide the origin of the disease that has disrupted the economy of the WORLD and will likely ultimately kill about 800,000 people.

Bats sold in a market my ass

2 thoughts on “Like a cat in a child’s sandbox

  1. It might be bats sold in the market. If you had a lab worker, with no knowledge of the purpose of the lab, and they were told to kill and incinerate a number of bats, it might have made sense to them to take them and sell them instead.

  2. Could be you are right. But I don't believe that those bats were imported to be sold at the market from hundreds of miles away.

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