Train like you fight

Or, in this case, Train like you Fly.

Got my first taste of flying an approach in real IMC.

It really wasn’t a big deal. Just like flying with foggles, only minus the foggles.

Altitude and position and decent rate. Time turn twist throttle talk. (and flaps and lights). Pretty much that simple. 

One ILS and one LPV RNav approach.

At the end of it, fly the needles and watch your airspeed.

One was to circling minimums and the other was straight in..

It is nice to break out of actual clouds and find the runway right where it is supposed to be….

3 thoughts on “Train like you fight

  1. Very cool, keep it up and keep letting us know how it's going.

  2. Chuck:
    ILS-Instrument Landing System. Basically a radio guidance both vertically and horizontally that guides you straight in to the runway

    Rnav-A GPS based guidance system for landing that is the GPS version of the ILS, just uses GPS instead of a radio beacon.

    Technically an ILS is more precise than the LPV approach, but that isn't really true anymore. Both are pretty accurate.

    Both are guidance to a few hundred feet above ground and (generally) less than a mile from the runway.

    You still gotta land manually after that though.

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