Before BarryCare

In 2009, when we had the Swine Flu epidemic, there were no shortages of hospital beds in the United States. Nor were there shortages of staff nor shortages of protective equipment for the staff.

That was, of course, before BarryCare.

Now, of course, there are great fears that there will not be enough hospital beds, staff to use them and care for patients, and there is nearly no long term stock of protective equipment for the staff.

Can we blame this all on BarryCare? Perhaps not all of it.
But mostly, yeah, these shortages ARE the result of our Socialized Medicine Program

One thought on “Before BarryCare

  1. Yep, Obamacare did quite a number on rural hospitals in terms of wiping many out and really pushed urban hospitals to consolidate, which has resulted in fewer beds as a result.

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