This is a good article

And not just because it says (better than I have!) what I have been trying to point out all along:

The numbers just don’t add up as to why we have destroyed our economy and essentially shut down. 

You can look up actual WORLDWIDE cases here, sorted by country. Cases/deaths/recovered.  This is Johns Hopkins data, so I would expect it to be pretty reliable.

(as of 18:30 local time here in the Midwest) there have been WORLDWIDE:

375,458 CASES. IE tested for and found to have the virus. (Probably more that were asymptomatic and did not bother to get tested though). Please note that the world population is approximately 7,690.000.

16, 371 deaths. Please note that the “normal” flu killed more people this year just here in the US than the CoronaVirus has killed worldwide.

100,958 have recovered.

Notice how low these numbers really are?

And for this we have essentially shut down the WORLD economies?

One wonders what, exactly is going on here. (unless these governments know something about this illness that they aren’t sharing, this is a massive overreaction)

Go, READ this article. It is longer than 20 sentences, but it is worth reading and no skipping.

One thought on “This is a good article

  1. "Please note that the "normal" flu killed more people this year just here in the US than the CoronaVirus has killed worldwide in only 3 months."

    If you're going to compare this to annual flu, compare apples to apples, please.
    Kung Flu is just getting started.
    If cases rise exponentially, it'll kill more cases in the last week than in all the other weeks before that, for any value of "last week".

    If flu had numbers like this, you'd be welded into your house for a year, without a second thought.

    And the lockdown is to lower the peak of the infection curve, and keep the hospitalization numbers below those which crash the whole health care system.

    In short, we don't give a damn about the dead; they're dead.
    it's the live ones, at 5-10X the numbers or dead, that crushes all health care everywhere, for everything, for everyone.

    That's why you're on stay-at-home.

    But we started too late, and let too many asymptomatic people in cluelessly early, so it isn't going to work, and we're going to crash the medical system for everyone anyways.

    If…IF… we had 330M tests, and could screen the infected out, we could send only them home for two to four weeks, and stop this whole pandemic in its tracks.

    But the CDC screwed that pooch way back in January.

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