A week ago:

From CBS:

CBS: “A week ago there were no cases reported in New Orleans, now there are HUNDREDS!”

Of course, a week ago, no one had been tested for Covid-19, either.

Now, since we are testing everyone with any symptoms that are in any way flu-like, the number of cases is, of course, exploding.

Prior to that, of course, folks were assumed to have the FLU (one of many) and were sent home.

Now, of course, they are tested for CV-19.

So yeah, the number of cases is skyrocketing.

(There is a lot of speculation that this disease has been here since early January, that it took a long time for us to notice).

Also, the Media is starting to try to panic everyone with the “there are no medical supplies!!!” “People are gonna be triaged and some will be left outside to die!!” .

Again, if they choose to continue to use masks only once before disposal, then yeah, that might happen. In other countries, they use ’em for hours. I haven’t yet seen the bodies stacked like cordwood, nor have I seen old people refused treatment (or left on an ice floe)…at least not yet here is the US.

As to the rest? I dunno. I do know that the Media like death and blood and panic. At this point they are beyond crying “wolf”.

There are times I am thinking this is a giant Social Experiment in control of the populace.