Probably not a bad choice

The decision has just been made:

The Indy 1500 gunshew has been cancelled.
(along with the Flower and Patio show as well, also in the same complex and at the same time frame)

At the end of it, while it will cost the show promoters some serious coin, attendance might have been sparse anyway (I had decided not to attend) because who wants to mingle with several thousand potentially sick strangers?? and it will be just one less vector for the spread of this disease….it was likely a good decision.

Make no mistake, this sort of preventative measure should have been done about a month ago (along with stopping travel and quarantining people for a month or so before letting them loose into our population)

This may not be a foolproof method of stopping the spread of a disease that is transmitted by folks sneezing and coughing and wiping their snotty hands on surfaces where others can touch, but it will mitigate the spread greatly.

“Social distancing” writ large. But it works, at least to some extent.

Having said that, I did attend my Gun Club’s normal Thursday night gathering. I do intend to follow my mostly normal routine….but then again, I am mostly a loner anyway.

ETA: The NRA  annual meeting is also cancelled.
I approve of this.

ETA2: Camp Perry events cancelled by the CMP

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