Christ on a cracker

So I stopped in to the store at 1:00 in the afternoon.

This my more or less normal stopping time for my Friday, as I fly a lesson in the morning and generally am heading home about that time… it is (usually) a lull in shoppers, and the morning crowd is finished and the late afternoon folks haven’t started yet.

Not so today.

All I wanted was some fresh vegetables and some lunchmeat and cheese….

I’ve seen gunshows after a Democratic presidential victory with smaller crowds, less crowded aisles and fewer people with that wild look in their eye. 
The store was FILLED with panicked buyers. Carts full of canned goods and pasta and rice and bread products….topped with, (of course) toilet paper. There wasn’t much meat on the shelves, nor was there any kleenex (I think that the hand santizer had long ago been sold).

There was not a cart to be had.

It was somewhat insane. I, of course, panicked 3 weeks ago and bought all my shelf stable goods before the rush.

As far as I can tell, the spark for this panic event was the closure of the local schools for a 30 day period. At least, that is what the women were chatting about as they grabbed a 6 month supply of toilet paper……

And yet, oddly, the Feminine Hygiene shelves were pretty much fully stocked. One would think that this would also be as big a need as TP….I dunno, I am a guy, so it isn’t much on my mind,
Diapers were well stocked too, which I would have thought would be a large need for women with infants and toddlers…..I’d have thought that they would be in as short supply as bunghole wipes.

Odd, But what do I know.

We are a strange bunch of animals, we humans.

2 thoughts on “Christ on a cracker

  1. My wife is, right now, at the commissary at the local Air Force base. She called to tell me it's MADHOUSE, that the place is wall-to-wall people, and that all the meat is gone. Luckily for us, we too saw this coming… years ago,… and were already ahead of the game. She's just there filling in a few holes in the inventory, and, like you, is picking up some perishables.

    Why aren't they picking up the Kotex and Pampers? Probably because whatever guru they're listening to on "social media" hasn't thought of it yet…

    This mad dash at prepping doesn't make any sense, but since when has not making any sense stopped panic and stampede from happening?…

    …We tried to tell 'em…

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