Defining staffing levels

“only essential personnel”
 County offices are reducing staff to only “Essential Personnel”

That number should be a baseline and they should cap staffing at no more that 120% of that.

Seeing as they have now defined how many they actually NEED to operate.

Think of the money they could save. Think of the efficiency. 

3 thoughts on “Defining staffing levels

  1. Keep one thing in mind, they are dropping down to skeleton crews now on the assumption that the overall work load is dropping to that amount as well. This is directly to assumptions that people will not be showing up due to this virus. A great deal of these workers are also going to be working from home on administrative stuff as well.

  2. Which is why I specified 120%.

    Even if you made it 175% that is still WELL below the staffing of most government offices.

  3. It will depend on the .gov office. Sadly the biggest thing with any of the various .gov entities is they are slow to hire and slower to adjust to where staff needs to be cut/transferred from and hired. Generally the staffing allocation is all sorts of dicked up even in the best of times. I speak as one of the evil federalies to say that things could really be overhauled and done better. A lot better, but there is almost no local power to adjust for such things. We won't speak of piss poor employees that are retained forever, and the actual quality employees you'd want working get driven off or the amount of money that gets pissed away on stupid endeavors or hires that could be allocated to do things properly.

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