If large liberal cities

and their respective governments….

If they REALLY believed the hype about the transmissability of the Coronavirus….

If they really thought groups of people together are a terrible thing (enough for them to close all restaurants and malls…. as they have) then they’d be shutting down the subways, bus lines, elevated trains and all other “Mass Transit” types of public transportation.

Instead, they damage the economies, put tens of millions out of work, and still allow them to mingle across many neighborhoods as they and their fellow riders cough and sneeze and touch infected (and infect them themselves) surfaces….spreading the infections across many other people.

If it is a valid reason to close bars and restaurants, then it is a valid reason to close all public transportation.

Yet they haven’t.

Odd discontinuity there, innit?

Claiming one group of people is a vector of transmission of disease, but ignoring another, potentially even greater vector.