need my readers help:

On any given day, I have about 800-1200 readers.

I’m gonna assume that each readers has 100 close contacts…close co-workers, friends, family, neighbors,  etc. Someone you had contact with via phone or face to face, in the past month…(just to set a limit).

Do any of the people you know have the Covid-19? Any of those people?
Then lets take a step even farther. Do any of THOSE people have, in that same defined circle of connections, have anyone that has the virus. (please, if possible, make sure that they are real, not rumor).

I’m not talking “In the county” or “at the plant where you (or they) work”. Not “someone in the warehouse of the store that my sisters cousins’t neighbors brother works for but has never met”.

Real incidences, with two points of separation. Either someone YOU know closely, or someone THEY know closely.

I’d really like to know.

Please let us know in comments.
(I shouldn’t have to say this, but please respect privacy concerns).


ETA: Please also tell me if they have a positive test  and/or are symptomatic please.

14 thoughts on “need my readers help:

  1. I have a family friend where their entire family was positively diagnosed with the Wuhan Flu, they know who the originating contact was and contact occurred after we last saw them.

    5 people.

    Basically they all were self-treating at home and each had a fever, aches, tiredness, and all recovered fully and have been fever free for the past few days. Described the experience as a bad flu.

    We've been helping drop off groceries to them as they're still stuck in the house a few more days until they've been fever free for a week.

  2. I have a buddy who is a pilot for a major airline, he got it while overnighting in a big west coast city. High fever and very sore throat for about five days – some trouble with breathing. Couldn't get tested in his home location. Happened in late February.

  3. We live in central Illinois and don't know of anyone who has it.

  4. I live in Southeast Michigan, and a friend at church has it. In the hospital, in a coma, on a ventilator. About 50 years old.

  5. No known cases with those in the groups and circles of people we know and within the parameters you defined. Knock on wood and Prayers Up for those who do know someone with Wuhan Virus.

  6. My daughter in Spokane, symptomatic, told no test, go home, mostly recovered after 10 days. Son's wife's sister, NOVA, symptomatic, tested awaiting results. Here (central FL- where they shoot rockets) very few cases currently.

  7. "Do any of the people you know have the Covid-19?"

    Yes. A good friend who is a nurse in NYC is confirmed positive and showing symptoms.

  8. A coworker and his entire family got it- symptomatic. They didn't go in for the test. Spent the weekend in Sun Valley and brought it home.

  9. – Daughter in DC, work colleague tested positive, asymptomatic. Colleague's sister positive, symptomatic.
    – NJ former coworker died with or of COVID-19, comorbities unknown to me.
    – NJ wife works in regional medical center, they are being swamped. At least 4 deaths with or of, as of yesterday 20 patients on ventilators, 18 with COVID.
    – Last I heard, a 39 year old was the oldest patient who was able to come off a ventilator.

    Yes, it's real.

  10. Supposedly one of the priests at one of the Catholic churches in town became the first confirmed case where I live; population 80K. I'll take those odds of dying over the ones I face every day commuting to work! Personally, I know NO ONE who has had Kung Flu. On the other hand, almost everyone I DO know HAS had this year's garden variety flu.

  11. Across the river from Portlandistan.
    Do not personally know of any confirmed cases, yet…

  12. None in our part of western Ky but close friend had to come home from a vacation in Spain and is in quarantine. No symptoms yet but only half way through his 14 days.

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