A sad commentary

On our cites.

Have you noticed that many “High End” shops that are closed are also boarded up? Windows and door covered in plywood?
They are afraid that “Yoots” will  smash the widows and grab the stock. And the police are too busy to patrol enough to keep this from happening. Boarded up to prevent looting and vandalism.

Best thing the city governments could do, both from a public order standpoint and to prevent the transmission of disease would be to shut down Public Transportation.

A sad commentary on both the state of our civilization and on the progress of Dr. King’s dream. 

One thought on “A sad commentary

  1. The problem with shutting down public transport in large cities, while doing so would prevent transmission of the virus and the transmission of youts from place to place for nefarious purposes, would basically cut off a lot of people from access to groceries etc.

    Might be necessary, but the cure of a shutdown in a place like NYC and other places where people don't have their own transport may be worse than the disease.

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