I think

The next time I have a few hours to kill,

I will go to a busy, crowded parking lot, park, leave the car running, in reverse with the brakes on, and see how many people I can piss off as they wait for me to back up…..And how long they will wait until they give up. I may take a Kindle and read for an hour or two….

I mean, folks do it to me all the time….

2 thoughts on “I think

  1. I am very big on situational awareness, and not giving away your position. When I come out of the store, I purposely walk down a couple of aisles over from where I am actually parked, then cut over between the cars to where my truck is actually parked. This has the extra benefit of pissing off the idiots that follow behind you slowly in their car to get your parking space when they might have to park far away.

  2. DOUBLE YOUR FUN! Leave the store and let someone follow you to your parking spot. Open the door, close it, and head back to the store!

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