But it is YOU that Are the problem…

Or at least your culture.

Even those of you that leave the states that are causing the issues in the rest of the country are destroying the culture of all that is good in the places you move to.

You want our (unspecified) help….But we aren’t the ones damaging things. You and your fellow state citizens are. We haven’t voted *yet) for socialists who want to give everyone everything….who are connected and simply seek additional opportunities for graft….who overregulate things and are soft on crime (with historically predictable results.

Screw you.  You and your ilk are the problem. We aren’t the solution to the problems you have created. You still help “Feed the Beast” by living there and paying taxes. And when you move elesewhere, you really want “California Lite” not real freedom.
Coastal States Are in the Fight of Their Lives…Is the Rest of America Listening?
It’s your state. We can’t fix it.
And as it is, you and your state are a cancer in this country. Fix you own problems. We can’t do it for you.

One thought on “But it is YOU that Are the problem…

  1. Nope. And if they try that crap here, it's NOT going to go well, as Austin has learned…

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