SO today is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. (Jan 15).

How does the government honor him? By ignoring his actual birthday and moving it to the 20th of January (a Monday) so that Government workers can have a three day weekend.

Sad, really. 

2 thoughts on “Sad

  1. I disagree. My wife and I commonly move our "observed" birthdays to the weekend when they fall during the week. 'More fun that way.

    As for MLK Day, organizers are assured of a higher turnout for memorial events if planned for a holiday or weekend day. One caveat to this; King's ACTUAL birthday SHOULD be acknowledged in the media on the day of, and that's not being done… probably to limit confusion among its 3rd grade mentality audiences…

  2. Oh; and I forgot one thing; people tend to spend more money on 3-day weekends than if the day off falls whenever the birthday actually occurs. That was the whole impetus of the "Monday Holiday" thing in the first place. America was dealing with recession and an oil embargo in the 70's, when this was first put out there…

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