How many TONS

of “Greenhouse Gasses” are coming out of the Taal volcano in the Philippines?

I mean, it is spewing ash and gasses and has been for the past few days.

How much more will come out in the next week or so?

How does this large volume of Greenhouse gas compare to the volume we as humans put into the air every day? (And what percentage of it will offset that we HAVEN’T put in because of the “Climate Change” initiatives? ).

Just askin’ here. Does anyone really know?

(and how much does the SIO2 and other reflective emissions help with Global COOLING? Remember, volcanoes have caused “A Year Without a Summer” several times…..

3 thoughts on “How many TONS

  1. I asked Google "how much gas is produced by volcanic eruption"
    Google responded with: In an average year, volcanoes release between about 180 and 440 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. When this colorless, odorless gas is emitted from volcanoes, it typically becomes diluted to low concentrations very quickly and is not life threatening.

  2. You miss my point:
    "Not life threatening"….never said it was.

    But the CO2 and SIO2 are greenhouse gasses. Which are supposedly gonna make the earth too warm for us or make the seas rise by a foot or some such.

    How many cars or LED bulbs is the emission of the current volcano? What percentage compared to the "Green Initiatives" of today?

  3. But those volcano emissions have nothing to do with pushing a political agenda that punishes capitalism and eliminates individual freedom.

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