Stop for pedestrian….

Ger blamed for a death, and cited with a $100 ticket.

Cedarburg police issue citations to 2 motorists in fatal bike crash, including to driver who stopped for crosswalk

Stop for a bike crosser AT A Crossing. Dude goes around her, strikes the crossing pedestrian…Who died from her injuries…They blame the person who stopped AS THE LAW REQUIRES…..not the person who struck the rider with his car. 

One wonders what they smoke in Cedarburg….

2 thoughts on “Stop for pedestrian….

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  2. In California this is a typical Catch-22 law combo. If the person on the bike doesn't step off the curb and you slow down, you're impeding traffic. If you don't slow down and the person DOES step off the curb, you've failed to yield. And… AND… it doesn't matter if the cyclist decides to cross at a crosswalk, or anywhere else along the road. You're screwed either way, which is just the way the CA court system likes it. Its judges only need to learn one word; "GUILTY!"

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