Innit interesting…..

How the Democrats are so worried about “The Citizens of the United States being able to choose their leaders”…and the “Integrity of our elections”….

I find it interesting that they ignore the tens of millions of dollars that were paid into Barry Obama’s campaign via credit cards that came from overseas….

And that they COMPLETELY ignore the voter fraud in places like Baltimore (lots of fraud there) and the Hundreds of thousands of dead people who arise to vote every election in the greater Cook and Lake County areas in Illinois…in other words, resurrected by the Chicago Machine.

Or the persecution of Conservative campaign non profit groups by the Obama administration’s IRS.

Or the failure to investigate the Entire Clinton Campaign….and it’s many instances of malfeasance and outright lawbreaking.

But the “integrity of our elections” is suddenly important to the DNC boys and girls…When a Republican President is in office….I find it duplicitous that they conveniently forget that they claimed moments after his inauguration that they would impeach him. I haven’t forgotten, and despite the Media failing to mention that, I think the American People haven’t.

One could point out that the subversion of our voting process has happened here, in this country, led by the Democratic Party……their determination to damage or remove the duly elected president…one elected by the People of the United States, even despite the DNC led voter fraud. Who is trying to subvert our election process?

ETA: If they are really interested in doing justice, and not just removing TheDonald from office, why aren’t they questioning the behavior of then Vice President Joe Biden for his role is squashing the investigation of Burisma (and his son) by both Ukraine and Latvia? I mean, he BRAGGED about it on National news, fer chrissake. Explain how that is different than what they accuse (but cannot prove) Donnie for: Using his power of office to enrich (or in this case, protect) himself or his family.

I don;t dislike the political fights.

I am angered by the duplicity and the double standards.  

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  1. ETA: If they are really interested in doing justice, and not just removing TheDonald from office, …
    Silly, of course they aren't interested in doing justice. They'd all hang if justice were done.

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