SO the Pensacola shooter did legally obtain his firearm

Seems he got hisself a Hunting License and was, therefore, legally able to purchase a pistol, even though he was not a US citizen….

See, this is the two edged sword of regulation.
A loophole that allows foreign nationals to purchase a firearm, Ostensibly for “hunting”….
Why even have any regulations at all?

Of course, one could restrict such rules to long arms, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter.
He did indeed go “hunting”. With a Glock 9mm pistol. Because he had a Hunting License. Also because he was a “Representative of a Foreign Government”.

And the FBI was concerned about this “Loophole” …a real one, not a made up loophole like the “Gun Show Loophole”.
A question though: If the FBI was concerned that some foreign nationals were enough of a threat to warrant a memo, why were these folks here in the US at all?

And, of course, the real question: Since he was a representative of the Saudi Air Force, will they (the Saudis) pay for the care of the wounded and for the support of the families of the deceased?

One thought on “SO the Pensacola shooter did legally obtain his firearm

  1. Foreigner
    Hunting license
    9 mm hand gun

    Even Dr. Smith (Lost In Space, the original) would agree that's too far from making sense.

    Perhaps if visiting foreigners are legally allowed to purchase and possess firearms there should be further restriction upon them as they are NOT U.S. citizens.

    It pains me to suggest more restrictive law yet it seems this terrorist act was created by the assholes in D.C. Perhaps a 1:1 consequence to them would be in order.

    'Loopholes' occur in laws written so voluminous as to tackle the impossible task of anticipating every possibility. The Constitution, to govern an entire nation, is less words but contains more. And there are no loopholes in the U.S. Con. To reiterate, them men lost their lives because of the dips in D.C. Unacceptable, inexcusable!


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