Police “Protect and serve” the everloving shit out of her….

Bobbi Sapp was in her home asleep.

The Winter Park, Florida police had been called to do a well being check on her. Apparently her ex-boyfriend claimed she was heavily armed and suicidal….He showed the cops how to break into her home……

They failed to announce themselves, broke into her home and entered her bedroom while she was asleep.
When she woke up, she failed to obey commands quickly enough, and so one of the cops shot her in the shoulder. 

They claim she pointed a weapon at them (Oddly, only ONE cop shot her though…and only ONE round….Cops re not generally that restrained if they have a fear for their life)…She denies she pointed a weapon at them.

She has no record of interaction with the Po-Po before….ever. She is 49 years old.

They have charged her with attempted murder.

Know what happens if any of you are found uninvited or unannounced in my home at 3 AM (or any other time?)? Hell, my MOTHER or my Girlfriend is in danger if she is in my home unannounced at 3 AM…

I am sure Ms Sapp is thankful for the police protection though….

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  1. I know it's in a lot of big cities and all but why is it so many of these bad shoot stories, overzealous cops or cops that do not actually go in when there is a legit threat seem to stem from Florida?

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