You gotta wonder why….

Many restaurants have really bad coffee. Like they only buy floor sweepings from a Starbucks roasting plant or something….

And they know it, you can tell. They take really bad coffee and make it really strong. So you end up with coffee that is mostly undrinkable. (perhaps so they never get asked for refills??)

Its like the Liberals.and their programs..something doesn’t work, a government program returns shitty results, so we should do it more…..only harder.

Same same with coffee.
Coffee isn’t hard, one simply needs to start with a good product, and do it right…proper proportions brewed correctly…..which makes for a good cup.
Shitty ingredients are NOT improved by heavier dosing.

2 thoughts on “You gotta wonder why….

  1. Poorly applied economics.

    Finer grind allows for more extraction. Hotter temperature water increases extraction.

    Combine the two and you get bitter coffee.

    Then keep it on the burner for 45 minutes because why would anybody throw out "perfectly good coffee"?

    Then you get the crap in restaurants. Clearly, few of the managers drink coffee.

  2. Or sometimes a government program does work
    . . . conservatives cut funding
    . . . without proper funding, program fails
    . . . conservatives decry program as a liberal waste . . .

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