Winter planning

Pulled the gas out of the chainsaws yesterday. filled ’em each with a teaspoon full of a mix of Coleman fuel and the appropriate amount of oil, and ran them dry.

All the other 4 cycle equipment that won’t (probably) be used until spring got a similar treatment (minus the oil, of course) Run empty, refilled with a bit of fuel that will evaporate and not leave residue or varnish behind, and run until completely empty.

This ensures they will start when needed after sitting for months.

I recommend this for all gasoline powered equipment.
Especially stuff you might need in an emergency.

Proper storage matters. 

3 thoughts on “Winter planning

  1. I have a 17 year old Tanaka leaf blower/vac, an even older Poulan 16" chainsaw, an Echo weed whacker, a Honda lawn mower, a Cub Cadet 30" snowblower, a 7.5kW Generac generator, and a Honda powered power washer. I do the same, running them empty for storage with the exception of the generator (always ready to go) and adding the Coleman fuel like you do. I simply rotate my gas supplies and use Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. None of the maintenance issues I ever had were engine related, just stuff wearing out or breaking, which I fix myself. The power washer gets a little extra TLC because of the pump, which gets douched with a lubricant preservative.

    I remember years ago, my idiot brother-in-law had bought a brand new snowblower. At the following years Thanksgiving dinner, he was lamenting having to get it serviced, because it would not start. When I asked what he did for storage, he looked at me like I had two heads and said, "nothing" and then went on to say he parked it under the carport (basically outside unprotected) where he stopped it after its last use. I just shook my head and ended the conversation.

    Like The Captain in Cool Hand Luke says, "some men, you jist cain't reach."

  2. Excellent points! (looking around for the can of coleman fuel)…

  3. I have two places, one in Florida and one in Virginia. Every piece of equipment, blowers, lawn mowers, trucks (that set for periods of time) bush hogs (pull behind), Chain saws, weed-eaters, etc., ONLY receive Non-Ethanol fuel all the time. They always start when I need them and I NEVER winterize any of them. Sta-Bil is the worst thing you can do to a carb other than Ethanol fuel.

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