Pretty much the same story in every DNC controlled environ:

Rotting infrastructure, Failure to replace or repair….

Woman struck by falling downtown light pole that rusted through at base.

Just walking along and the pole (which was rusted through at the bottom) fell on her. Subsequent inspection showed 4 other poles on the same block that were a danger and were removed.

It keeps happening. 4 Times (that we know of) in 2019, and apparently more last year.
 They’ve spent all the money on “Social Safety Nets”, allowing people to sponge off the hard work (and thus taxes) of others, Instead of spending money maintaining the infrastructure that was paid for by taxpayers 30 or 40 or 50 or even more years ago, they simply ignore the maintenance and spend the money elsewhere for another year or 6…. Hoping that they will get by and it will be problem for someone else….

Which is ok, until the infrastructure fails and someone gets hurt….