overflow into personal space….

So the School “Punished” the students with a 2 day suspension…

For doing something not on the school grounds, not done during school hours.

Student punished for “racially insensitive” ad posted on craigslist. 
(The ad advertised “Slave for sale” with a photo of a black classmate)

This ad was in poor taste, but other than the fact that the photo was taken at the school, there is no connection to the school. How is it that the school and the administration gets to discipline a student for this? What gives them the right to punish for free speech? Is this just social conditioning?
Where are the parents? Or is the school doing the parenting?

And now he is charged with a “Hate Crime”.

I call BULLSHIT. Bad judgement? You betcha. Insensitive? Damned straight. Stupid? Yes. Bad taste? Yep. Despicable? Pretty much.

But, in the end, it is Free Speech, not a chargeable offense.

Punishment for this strikes me as RightSpeak.

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  1. No wonder black college students don't want white roommates.

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