It’s because most people don’t like you….No, really.

Instead of trying so hard to get rid of Trump. why don’t you DNC folks try a novel idea?

Stop running socialists. Stop promoting people who would punish success with higher taxes.
Stop promoting More State. More regulations. More “Government” (and Government “workers”)
Stop decrying Free Speech (when you don’t like what is being said).
Stop threatening our Second Amendment.
Stop threatening our way of life by threatening our energy supply.
Stop promising Free Shit (paid for by others) to folks who can work, but choose not to, or who have just entered the country.
Stop promising Globalism over Nationalism. We like our country. We don’t wanna be like Europe.
Stop hating on the United States. Stop denigrating the citizens of this country for their successes.

Stop running crooked slimy people as candidates.

Y’all want to Get Rid Of Trump?

Give people something to vote FOR, rather than leaving them to vote for Trump because your candidate scares them too much to garner their vote.

(The same goes for you RNC type folks too, BTW…we don’t want “DNC Lite”. “Less Socialist, less Statist”  nor “less crooked than the last guy”, nor another milquetoast legacy candidate.)

Donne was and is FAR from the ideal candidate. But he was far and above the other choices.
 Yet they haven’t, as far as I can see, come up with anyone worth voting FOR. Nor has their message for the past few years been “Vote for our people because we are better” but rather “That Trump dude is bad because we don’t like him!”.

And so we are left with the “Lesser of the two weasels”.

Sad, really. 

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