182 Airworthy again

Seem that a clamp on an intake coupler simply broke.
Just a fancy aviation hose clamp…(which makes it 8 times more expensive)
Probably an original clamp from 1975.
Just cracked and broke. And the coupler simply backed off until it slipped off of the intake tube. Fixed now.

We ordered replacements for two others just to be safe. 

I  did a full power run (100% power) for about 5 minutes on the ground, then let the engine idle to cool it off before taxiing to runway 18. Did a runup, then took off and did a pattern. ‘Twasn’t VFR weather, really, so I did one lap around the pattern and then a decent, if not great landing in a gusty crosswind.

Should be better weather tomorrow.

For now, it is fixed.

2 thoughts on “182 Airworthy again

  1. Good news, and welcome to the perils of aviation. Something is ALWAYS breaking.

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