Is there anyone, anywhere

Who doesn’t think that Greta Thunberg isn’t being used by, coached by, and paid by someone?

That she isn’t being used by the Climate change people to push a message?
That he handlers aren’t making sure she is in the front of the Media message?

That she isn’t a professional?

I would ask where the money supporting her comes from, who is arranging all of her “appearances”…who is making sure she is so properly clothed and well coiffed?
Who made sure the book she “authored” was purchased and published?
Who is making sure she gets to all these high profile meetings and has a place to stay? (and who is paying for all of it?)

Anyone that thinks that she is just a 16 year old kid is a fool. 

4 thoughts on “Is there anyone, anywhere

  1. So sad that at 16 her life is so miserable. What a horrible existence for a child.

    Her parents should be adamed to let their kid be used and manipulated like this

  2. Aspie, autistic, and OCD. She's the 'perfect' foil as she has laser like focus on ONE single thing to the exclusion of reality. And yes, her parents are complicit, and living off her 'success'…

  3. She's the female incarnation of David Hogg. You know; that "Never Again" "Parkland shooting survivor."

    It's a dog & pony show. He's the dog, and she's the pony…

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